Area/Themes (only indicative list)

Management, Accounting and Economic Analysis:  HR Practices, Portfolio Management and Security Analysis, Banking and Insurance, Capital Markets and Asset Pricing, Consumer behavior/Creating Customer Value, Branding/ Advertising, Online Marketing/Digital Marketing/Artificial Intelligence in Marketing, Retailing/E-retailing & Others. Competitive Policy and Regulatory Issues, Macroeconomics/Microeconomics Environment and Policy, Regional Economic Development Issues, Trade Strategies in New World, FDIs and FIIs, WTO Issues and Challenges, Foreign Exchange Markets, Regionalization and Economic Cooperation & Others.

Role of Spirituality and Religion in Human Development: Religious Traditions, Values, Spirituality, Sustainable Ethical behavior, Culture, Business Ethics, Beliefs & Others.

Data Science and Analytics: Big Data and Data Warehousing, Data Visualization, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining and Pattern Recognition, Real Time Data Analytics and Others.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Image Recognition, Reinforcement Learning, AI: Ethics and Bias, Deep Learning and Neural Networks & Others.

Cyber Security and Information Security: Network Security, Data Privacy and Encryption, Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing, Identity and Access Management, Threat Detection and Incident Response & Others.

Cloud Computing & Virtualization: Cloud Services and Providers, Serverless Architecture, Cloud Security and Compliance, Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Strategies, Virtualization Technologies, Benefits & Others.

Human Computer Interaction and User Experience: User Interface Design, Accessibility and Inclusive Design, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Voice User Interfaces & Others.

Social Policy, Social Work and Community: Race and Ethnicity, Social Mobility and Social Class, Social Psychology, Social Movement, Social Organisation and Community & Others.

Hospitality Management: Perception/Attitude of hospitality Management students towards working in the hotel industry, Quality Service, HRM in new startups, Wellness and Hospitality, Trends in Food and Beverage Management & others.

Civic and Political Studies: Citizenship/Governance/Civil code, Public Policy, Neo-liberal state and its critics & Others.

Architect and design Trends: Sustainable Architecture, Smart Cities and Urban Planning, Biophilic Design, Adaptive Reuse and Historic Preservation, Digital Architecture and Parametric Design & Others.

Green Energy: Solar Energy, Electric Vehicle, Hydro Energy, Geothermal Energy.