Area/Themes (only indicative list)

Future Trends in Management, Commerce and Economic Analysis: HR Practices, Portfolio Management and Security Analysis, Banking and Insurance, Capital Markets and Asset Pricing, Consumer behavior/Creating Customer Value, Branding/ Advertising, Online Marketing/Digital Marketing/Artificial Intelligence in Marketing, Retailing/E-retailing & Others. Competitive Policy and Regulatory Issues, Macroeconomics/Microeconomics Environment and Policy, Regional Economic Development Issues, Trade Strategies in New World, FDIs and FIIs, WTO Issues and Challenges, Foreign Exchange Markets, Regionalization and Economic Cooperation, Role of Spirituality and Religion in Human Development & others.

Future Trends in Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence : Digital Transformation Strategies, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, Cloud Computing and Virtualization, Internet of Things (IoT) Applications, Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IT Governance and Risk Management, Agile and DevOps Practices, Big Data Analytics, IT Infrastructure Management, Ecommerce and Online Business Models, Supply Chain and Operations Optimization, Lean Six Sigma in Operations, Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0, IT Project Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Process Reengineering,

Service Management and ITIL Practices & Others.

Social Policy, Social Work and Community: Race and Ethnicity, Social Mobility and Social Class, Social Psychology, Social Movement, Social Organization and Community & Others.

Hospitality Management: Perception/Attitude of hospitality Management students towards working in the hotel industry, Quality Service, HRM in new startups, Wellness and Hospitality, Trends in Food and Beverage Management & others.

Civic and Political Studies: Citizenship/Governance/Civil code, Public Policy, Neo-liberal state and its critics & Others.

Architect and Design Trends: Sustainable Architecture, Smart Cities and Urban Planning, Biophilic Design, Adaptive Reuse and Historic Preservation, Digital Architecture and Parametric Design & Others.

Green Energy: Solar Energy, Electric Vehicle, Hydro Energy, Geothermal Energy & others.